Points Name Description
10 Where the Journey Begins Completed "Where the Journey Begins"
10 Arena Gladiators Completed "Arena Gladiators" campaign
5 Level 5 Reached level 5
5 Level 15 Reached level 15
10 Level 30 Reached level 30
30 Level 30 (x3) Reached level 30 in a trio
50 Level 30 Elite Group Reached level 30 in every character of your group
10 The Big Spender Spent at least 9001 gold
10 What Is Your Gold Level? Earned at least 9001 gold
10 Is This My Kitchen? Visited your kitchen
10 The Open Minded Played with all classes
10 The Explorer Visited all places
10 Indecisive Person Played with all characters
10 Wow, You Must Love That Spell! Reached level 15 in a specific spell
10 Say Hi to the Game Devs! You can now play with the Game Devs as characters too
50 Thanks For Choosing Us <3 Completed a campaign using all 5 Game Developers as characters
10 Epic Weapon You're now using an epic weapon
10 Epic Armor You're now using an epic armor
10 Epic Potion Used the epic potion
5 Enchanter Level Up! Leveled up the enchanter at least once
15 Enchanter Level 10 Max leveled your enchanter
5 Blacksmith Level Up! Leveled up the blacksmith at least once
15 Blacksmith Level 8 Max leveled your blacksmith
10 Here Comes A New Challenger Unlocked at least one dungeon master
5 Elite Kill Killed at least one elite minion
5 Tough Battle! Won a battle with 7 monsters
10 Weird Combination Chosen a weird combination of character and class
10 Rise From Your Grave Continue the game after a game over
10 Unlucky Rolled a 1 in a random roll
10 Lucky Rolled a 20 in a random roll
50 Dragon Slayer Killed a dragon
10 What A Waste! Used a potion while full health
5 Hit That Vein Gathered a grindstone by mining veins
15 Grindstone Master Gathered at least 10 grindstones from veins
5 Don't Use It On A Soup Gathered a mushroom by gathering plants
15 Mushroom Master Gathered at least 10 mushrooms from plants
10 Class: Bard Unlocked the Bard class
10 Class: Shaman Unlocked the Shaman class
10 Class: Hunter Unlocked the Hunter class
10 Class: Barbarian Unlocked the Barbarian class
10 Class: Necromancer Unlocked the Necromancer class
10 Class: Knight Unlocked the Knight class


  • There is no 'Arena Gladiators' Campaign anymore; it has been removed and therefore the achievement cannot be completed.
  • The Enchanter has been removed from the game as well.