Battle attack
Default attack: performs a physical attack with the party member’s weapon.


Battle spellskill
Chose a spell or skill learned by the party member. Deals physical or magical damage to the opponent at the cost of mana points.

Consume itemEdit

Battle consume
Chose any consumable item for the party member to use. The item will be used on the current party member, you cannot chose to use it on someone else. The consumable will take effect immediately.

Take coverEdit

Battle cover
The party member takes cover from attacking opponents. The party member will not be targeted by opponents even if they have an high threat.
It is possible to make every party member take cover at the same time, however the game treats this as if nobody is under cover. The game will warn you about this with a logic error saying:
if (everyone == undercover) no one is under cover;

Run from BattleEdit

Battle chicken
This will let you chicken out of the battle. Every party member can try to do this and if they are successful the complete party will flee. A D20 is cast and you will need between 8 and 20 to successfully escape, that translates to a 65% chance of success.


A battle is won when all of the opponents run out of health points.

All party members that were alive at the end of the battle will gain experience points (XP). The harder the battle, the more XP will be earned. The lower limit of rewarded experience points seems to be 1 XP per opponent. In addition a group bonus of +10% is applied for every extra opponent killed:

Opponents Experience points bonus
2 +10%
3 +20%
4 +30%
5 +40%
6 +50%
7 +60%

Winning battles is also the major source of gold in the game. Every battle has a high chance of rewarding gold to the player. When the opponent is marked with the elite badge they have an increased chance of dropping gold. On the victory screen this will be marked as “treasure found on elite”.

Opponents may also drop items when killed. The victory screen will show if and what item the party has gained after a battle. See the Items page for information on item drops.


A battle is lost when all of the party members run out of health points.

There are no penalties for losing a battle, but you will be required to revive your party members through a fee. See reviving.