Black Dragon

The Black Dragon is one of the hardest monsters in the game, appearing randomly in dungeons as well as in the fight before Mom. He appears alone, with no other enemies. He has resistant to physical.



He has an attack that can hit multiple times, an attack that can lower your attack by over 75, a buff that greatly increases his resistance to physical attacks (so much so most physical attacks may actually start healing him), has the ability to heal himself (for up to 200+ hp), as well as other attacks. At least 1 strong tank and magic attacking character is advised.

Strategies Edit

He is resistant to Physical (+), When the Black dragon heals he will cast an additional buff on itself further increasing it's defense. At this point some of your attacks may be dealing double negative damage. This may in fact be healing the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon is vulnerable to holy (Cleric/Paladin), Magic (Mage/Witch), Nature (druid) and characters which can deal signicant amounts of physical damage (Rogue). 

Loot Statistics (Killed 20)Edit

Topaz Amulet 1
Fish 1
Greater Phoenix Up 1
Red Pepper