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Original CharactersEdit

There are 14 characters available at the beginning of the game.

Name Bonus
E.T. Recover 1 MP per turn
Flowers Extra +1 point on dice rolls lucky
Grandma Extra +2 to threat
Hipster +10% increased damage range
Hynx +1 skill duration
Jock +1 bonus to attack
Little Brother +5 initiative
Mr. John +10% extra experience points gained
Ms. Goldberry +3% HP, +3% MP, +2% HP steal, +2% MP steal, +2% XP
Nerd 50% discount to resurrect this player after death
Paris 50% discount on Blacksmith upgrades for this player
Pizza Guy 50% discount to buy this player
Rocker +5 points to health
Woofie Heal 1 HP per turn
Special Guest1 +20 MP

1. Deluxe Version only

Dev CrewEdit

There are 5 unlockable bonus characters that can be acquired during a quest in Campaign 1. These characters are in reference to the developers at Behold Studios.

Name Bonus
Betu (artist) +3 bonus to attack and -50% on player resurrection cost
Gui (programmer) Reduce threat by -5 and +5% mana steal
Hugo (artist) Extra +5 threat and +10% to critical
Ronaldo (drinker) 100% extra potion effect and +5% life steal
Saulo (programmer) +5 initiative and +30% XP

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