Mapmarker-cave Act 1 Quest 1. Level 4

Den of Devil connects with Default Village to the West (Gold 0).

Den of Devil does not have an Inn, Enchanter, Blacksmith, and Tavern. You can Camp here.

Quests Edit

Quest Level Requirements Rewards
Escort Little Kid 3 Travel to Default Village. Gold 15, 1560 XP[1], 1× Ectoplasm

Opponents Edit

Level Monster HP Atk Skills
2 Opponent Bat Bat 16 2–2 None
4 Opponent Dark Bat Dark Bat 48 5–7 Health steal (?) Elite badge@3x
8 Opponent Slime Slime 77 6–10
9 Opponent King Slime King Slime 137 11–17 Elite badge@3x

Notes Edit

  1. Measured in the default room with Wood Table (+5% XP), Rug (+2% XP), Simple Bedroom Door (+1% XP), and Comic Store Guy (+4% XP) active.

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