The Frozen Dungeon is the second dungeon in the game, with a recommended level of 20.

While the recommended level for this dungeon in game is 20, the Black Dragon requires a much higher combat level to beat (or a lot of items).


There are only a handful of monsters in the frozen dungeon, but they can be really deadly for unaware or unprepared adventurers.

Blue GhostEdit

Most common monster. Deal physical damage. Can lower your attack.

Ice WarriorEdit

Can stun you.

Black KnightEdit

The boss of the dungeon. Has resistance to physical. Has an attack that strikes twice. Can summon blue ghosts.

Black DragonEdit

Main article: Black Dragon
Black Dragon

The black dragon is a rare encounter, and much harder than other enemies in the dungeon, noted for being able to wipe out entire teams. He appears alone, with no other enemies. He has resistant to physical. A level 30 team may have difficulty with him.

He has an attack that can hit multiple times, an attack that can lower your attack by over 75, a buff that greatly increases his resistance to physical attacks (so much so most physical attacks may actually start healing him), has the ability to heal himself (for up to 200+ hp), as well as other attacks. At least 1 strong tank and magic attacking character is advised.