List of Monsters level 11 to 20 (+1 Edition)

XP and gold drop amounts are the BASE drop amounts, when no buffs are applied (no items or furniture that boost drop amounts, i.e. the Gold Wall).

Level Location Monster HP Atk Skills XP Gold
12 Journey Village
Giant Bug
Giant Bug 165 5-7 6
12 Sands of Time Desert
Opponent Sand Sac
Sand Sac 208 14-22 12 Elite badge@3x
12 Forest Temple
Opponent Skeleton
Skeleton 112 13-19 6
13 Forest Temple
Opponent Game Eater
Game Eater 235 16-24 Resist magic 14 Elite badge@3x
16 Flying Dutchman Ship
Croc 216 13-19 8
17 Flying Dutchman Ship
Ship Master Croc
Ship Master Croc 356 21-31 Lower attack 18 Elite badge@3x
19 Flying Dutchman Ship
Captain Croc
Captain Croc 426 23-35 Raise phys. resist? 20 Elite badge@3x

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