The starting location of any tabletop RPG campaign. This is where you first create players and fill up your party. You can add up to 3 players (5 players if you purchase the Holy Grail object from the Shop). First 2 players are free of charge, subsequent additions will cost gold :

  • 3rd player - Gold 10 (Gold 5 if you choose Pizza guy)
  • 4th player - Gold 80 (Gold 40 if you choose Pizza guy)
  • 5th player - Gold 250 (Gold 125 if you choose Pizza guy)

Note that at this point in the game you will not be able to remove a player from the party once you have added them, so choose carefully. Once you reach Default Village, you can travel to Sunset Castle and proceed to the tavern to delete, arrange and reset player skills.

You can add new players into your current game at any point of time, provided there is an empty seat at the table. Gold charges still apply.

Quest availableEdit

Quest Requirements Rewards
Create your party! Add at least 2 players to your party

Game start

  • Story missions are denoted by bold and italic font