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Where the Journey Begins is the first campaign available to play for Knights of Pen & Paper



The Story begins with a band of people, imprisoned in a tower with no connotation as to why. They escape, and a strange man brings them to an unremarkable village. In that village the band begin adventuring together, fighting rats and bats to rid the village of any threats.

After some time they get a quest that they need to go to the Sunset Castle. They find there that the king has been hit with a spell and turned evil. They need to cure him by going to the castle and fight head-to-head with him and his guards.



The following is a list of locations that you can visit in the campaign.

  • Room
  • Tower Prison
  • Default Village
  • Den of Devil
  • Ancient Jungle
  • Sunset Castle
  • Journey Village
  • Sands of Time Desert
  • Forest Temple
  • Goblin's Hideout
  • Dead End Swamp
  • Flying Dutchman Ship
  • Maya Me Beach
  • Island Temple
  • Yoga Village
  • Middle Field
  • Dark Forest
  • Plains Temple
  • Frozen Toe Passage
  • Instant Death Cave
  • Wizards of the East Coast
  • Mountain Temple
  • Volcano of the Phoenix
  • Chromatic Maze
  • Mysterious Portal
  • Shipwreck Cove